D and B Acres Rabbitry

Youth breeder raising quality Netherland Dwarf, Brittania Petite and Holland Lop rabbits.

Update 4/28/2012: 2012 ANDRC Nationals - Brittany won Queen and Danny won Lord.




Update 5/5/11: Brittany was elected Marengo FFA President for 2011/2012

Update 3/17/10: Our Polish and Netherlands are growing. Brittany has decided to get out of the polish (expand the Netherlands) and pass on the tradition to her little brother Danny. (What were we thinking). He just got 3 new additions to our polish breed thanks to Trevor Sypienski. Check out our polish page.


D and B Acres is our  hobby. We've had Polish rabbits since 2003, Holland Lop rabbits since 2005, Netherland Dwarfs since 2008, and dogs for life. We recently acquired 2 Netherland Dwarfs (As of 4/08). We try to keep litters of Holland Lops and Polish current and ready to be sold. We usually try to attend at least one rabbit show a month and try to visit a dog show occasionally. We show in both 4-H and nationals/open. We currently belong to the APRC (American Polish Rabbit Club), ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association), HPRC (Heartland Polish Rabbit Club), HLRSC (Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club), ANDRC (American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club ), and AKC (American Kennel Club). We are working on joining a few more clubs in the upcoming months.


'D and B Acres Rabbitry' is officially registered with ARBA.

The name 'D and B Acres' comes from a collection of things. First of all, the 'D' stands for Dawn and dogs.  With that, Dawn deals with the majority of the dog things, while Britt mainly does the showing. Second, the 'B' stands for Britt and bunnies. Britt mainly deals with the bunnies, while Dawn helps to take care of them and get them ready for shows. It was a rather convenient coincidence on our part when we were coming up with a good name.

Update on the name of 'D and B Acres'. Its now official. The 'D' stands for Danny (instead of Dawn) and the 'B' stands for Britt.


Danny, Britt's 5 year old little brother, also likes to enjoy the rabbits. Here he is at 2 years with one of Lily's babies (2007). And at 3 1/2 with Rosso. Now that Danny is 5 (here with Commander Cody), he has acquired his own rabbit (thanks to Britt). He picked D and B's Ahsoka - a little polish doe born July 12, 2009.  Britt has done a good job keeping this great hobby within the family. Hopefully in a couple of years when Britt goes to college we will have Danny to take over his big sisters shoes. Watch for Danny to start showing next year. 





We would like to thank Michelle and Nicole Pallme (picture to the left is Brittany with Nicole at the McHenry County Fair 2007) for the time and help of our rabbitry. They are currently in their freshman year of college and Brittany acquired some of their rabbits to continue their breeding lines. We hope to follow their success on the quality of the Polish, Netherland Dwarfs, and Holland Lop breeds.






We would also like to thank Val Boreland  for the help in training Brittany and Shea, our Shetland Sheepdog, that is currently showing in Obedience and Rally. Brittany will be showing Shea at the McHenry County Fair in the Advance Novice Obedience class.

Pictured here with one of Val's Springers, "Doogan"




To view the rabbit shows we will be visiting, please check our 'Show Schedule'. We will keep it updated the best we can. If you would like us to bring a rabbit to a show for you to look at and consider buying, please contact us and we'll see what we can do. For Contact information, please view the 'Contact Us' page. We plan to keep all of our information updated weekly, or as often as possible.

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The "In the Nestbox" page is generally accurate with varieties and genders. This will include what we may varieties/genders we have available (just not pricing).