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Youth breeder raising quality Netherland Dwarf, Brittania Petite and Holland Lop rabbits.

Unfortunately, we're cutting back on the Hollands in order to boost our Netherland numbers (and because Danny refuses to sell some of those darn Polish juniors...). We are willing to look at reasonable offers for a few of them, just ask. Please don't be discouraged if we won't sell certain Hollands. 


Senior Bucks   


KT's Vincent.

A handsome man with a gorgeous head, whose currently replacing Guido in the sire department. Just recently, we've received a litter of three gorgeous babies from Shalua that definitely carry his head and her butt. Vincent is named after Vincent Valentine in the Final Fantasy 7 series, but he's nowhere near as quiet and reserved.


D and B's Yazoo

Born on May 15, 2008. He's a Black out of Tia's litter, studded by Guido, that we plan to keep because he resembles his gorgeous mother oh so well. At Boone County Fair in '08 - Poor Yazoo, against those older juniors. He got 3rd out of 11.   He's named after Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children's Yazoo, brother of Kadaj and Loz. 


KT's Red

A Broken Tort buck that we actually acquired in a raffle. He's received three legs and is currently just hanging around in the rabbitry until we decide what to do with him. He's named after Disney Pixar's Cars' Red, the fire truck.


Oakwood's Guido

Born on June 27, 2007. He's a Broken Black. Guido has sired a couple of litters, which have come out very nicely. He's named after Disney Pixar's Cars character, Guido. Sadly, he was recently put down due to wry neck, which we tried unsuccessfully to treat. Because he's loved and sired many of our babies, we've decided to keep him up on the site, for reference.


D and B's Seymour

 Out of Vincent and Rinoa. A Broken Sable Point and one of our better bucks, who just keeps getting better. He has a gorgeous head that balances out with his body amazingly. He's currently our broken herd buck. He's named after Seymour Guado of Final Fantasy X-2.



D and B's Braska

Out of Yazoo and Lexi. We're beginning to really question who's the better Broken, Seymour or Braska? He shows very nice type and a cute, little head. He's definitely one of our smaller bucks, which we definitely take as a good thing. And his personality is quite adorable, as well. He's named after Braska from Final Fantasy X.


 D and B's Ifrit

Out of Skittles and Vincent, he is an absolutely beautiful and petite Tort. He shows nice type, and he does have a good head, but he sometimes has a bit too much ear control to him. He's named after the popular and common fire summon/aeon/etc., Ifrit.



Senior Does  



 KT's Rinoa

She's a darling little one that just has an amazing personality. She's really turned out nice, and she has become one of our brood does. Not only is she one of out best moms, but she has produced amazing kits, such as Seymour. She's named after Rinoa in Final Fantasy 8.


D and B's Skittles

Out of Oakwoods Guido (Black) and D and B's Mimzy (Black). She's the mother of a very cute little Tort buck, Ifrit, that may just take over our rabbitry. She's nothing completely special, but she is balanced and decent overall. All of the kits from her that I have seen have turned out very nicely, so we will continue to breed her.




 Junior Bucks



Junior Does



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