D and B Acres Rabbitry

Youth breeder raising quality Netherland Dwarf, Brittania Petite and Holland Lop rabbits.

In the Nestbox

We have moved to TENNESSEE

Updated: April 7, 2017

 We usually have a couple of each breed either available or on the way. If you are interested and want to be placed on a waiting list please contact us at dandbacres@hotmail.com. Once we are able to verify gender of the kits, they will be marked as Keep, For Sale, On Hold, or Sold. Unless otherwise specified beside the rabbit, they are of Showable quality. Distinguishing features, generally important to know for potential breeding purposes are also noted beside the rabbit. Kits are available after 8 weeks of age. We are planning to attend to 2017 ANDRC Nationals and 2017 ARBA Convention. Contact us if interested. 

Netherland Dwarfs

Chestnut buck -born 2/3/17- pet
REW buck -born 2/3/17- pet 

We will be breeding for 2017 Convention. Contact us if interested.

Holland Lops

None at this time

Britannia Petite

None at this time

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Contact Us

Email: dandbacres@hotmail.com 

Phone Numbers:

Dawn: 815-219-0984

Britt: 815-219-1495

Please email or call for information on what we have available/prices.

The "In the Nestbox" page is generally accurate with varieties and genders. This will include what we may varieties/genders we have available (just not pricing).