D and B Acres Rabbitry

Youth breeder raising quality Netherland Dwarf, Brittania Petite and Holland Lop rabbits.


We provide these additional links both for reference and upon request, or because we think they might be able to help you if we can't. Most of the additional breeders on this site we've purchased from before, and would recommend if we didn't have anything available for your interests. Others are just for location simplicity, because it's not always easy to live way in the west and get a bunny from IL.




Rabbit Clubs/Supplies:

Rabbit and Cavy Directory: www.rabbitandcavydirectory.com

American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA):   www.arba.net

American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club (ANDRC): http://www.andrc.com/

American Polish Rabbit Club (APRC): http://www.polishrabbitclub.com/

Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club (HLRSC): http://www.hlrsc.com/

Heartland Polish Rabbit Club (HPRC): http://www.heartlandpolish.com/

ARBA District 5: http://geocities.com/arbadistrict5

Rabbit Breeders US: http://www.RabbitBreeders.us



Rabbit Supplies/Items

Koenings Kountry Supplies: http://koeningskountrysupplies.com

Unique Rabbit Items (Specialty Awards, Handprinted Ornaments, Screenprinted Shirts/Jackets), Melissa Carlson: artbun@yahoo.com

Scrap 'N' Buns (Scrapbook and Card Maker), Jo Beth Hanes: mrsjbg@aol.com



Holland Lop Breeders:

Bonne Bunny's - Geoff Bonne, located in Rockford, IL: http://www.bonnebunnys.com/ (May also have some Dwarfs available)

LaReau Lops and Cavies - located in Southern Wisconsin: www.lopsandcavies.com

Oakwood Rabbitry - Tna, Danielle, and Devin Zabler, located in Burlington, WI: www.freewebs.com/oakwoodrabbitry

Schwandt's Diamond "D" - Tiffeny Schwandt, located in Beaver Dam, WI: www.freewebs.com/schwandtsdiamondd/

L.O.V. Bunnies Rabbitry - Ardis Hartwig, located in Los Osos, CA: www.lovbunnies.com

Red Gate Rabbit Ranch - JoAnn Snodgrass, located in Claremore, OK: hoppylops@aol.com / www.redgaterabbitranch.com



Polish Breeders:

Trevor Supnieski, Bainerd, MN: cheris@brainerd.net

Joey's Bunnies - Located in Peoria, IL: mrsibg@aol.com

Jennifer's Barnyard Babies - Located in Waukesha, WI: {{Phone Number: (262) 662-3674}}

McCabe's Rabbitry - Located in WI: www.freewebs.com/mccabesrabbitry26/ (Also has Mini Rex)



Netherland Dwarf Breeders:

(Contact District Directors in your area for more information on who to further contact for Netherlands.)

Coffey's Hare House - Wayne and Twila Coffey, located in Hartsburg, IL: http://coffeysharehouse.weebly.com

Hidden Birch Rabbitry - Nicole and Bianca Seehafer, located in Marshfield, WI: seehaferacres

Laura and Ruth's Dwarfs - Laura Bruce, located in Hayward, WI: www.lauraandruthsdwarfs.com

Rock 'n' Roll Dwarfs - Don Barnhart and Doug Sprague: www.rocknrolldwarfs.com

Wenonah's Rabbitry - Linda Wenger, located in La Crosse, WI: linda618@centurytel.net

Harmony Rabbit Trails - Tricia and Noah Delarca, located in Wadsworth, OH: www.harmonyrabbittrails.com

Cedar Hills Rabbitry - Megan McKemey, located in CA: yasminmc@aol.com

Dixon's Fancy Gems - Shannon and Heather Dixon, located in southeastern MI: http://www.geocities.com/bewlady/

Carl Richetelle (ANDRC District 1 Director), located in Wolcott, CT: carl@nevergrowup.com

Ted McBride (ANDRC District 2 Director), located in Preble, NY: ny-dwarf@twcny.rr.com

Bruce Ford (ANDRC District 3 Director), located in Loganville, GA: mtnlaurelrabbitry@comcast.net

Cindy Stelloh (ANDRC District 4 Director), located in Mukwonago, WI: arba600@aol.com

MDJ Rabbitry - Mark Jacobs , located Tuscola, IL: mdjrabbitry@yahoo.com

Don Barnhart (ANDRC District 6 Director), located in Brownsboro, AL: therapyhill@comcast.net

Carrie Engel (ANDRC District 7 Director), located in Stanwood, WA: carrie.engel@verizon.net

Mary Carney (ANDRC District 8 Director), located in Wichita, KS: tcarney11@cox.net

Rick Smith (ANDRC District 9 Director), located in Sylmar, CA: rickwsmith@mac.com



Dog Rescues:

As Good As Gold (Goldens): 630-588-0115

BREW (Beagles): 614-638-8714

Midwest Labrador Rescue (Labs): 847-604-3254


Links for Children to Learn More About Rabbits:

The Language of Lagomorphs: http://language.rabbitspeak.com/ (Helps to determine what a rabbit is trying to tell you through the way it acts)

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The "In the Nestbox" page is generally accurate with varieties and genders. This will include what we may varieties/genders we have available (just not pricing).