D and B Acres Rabbitry

Youth breeder raising quality Netherland Dwarf, Brittania Petite and Holland Lop rabbits.

         (Koehlerís Genesis and Jenova)                           (Covertís Suicide and D and Bís Hope)


 Our Netherlands

Updated 11/22/15

We raise Sable Points, Siamese Sables, Smoke Pearls, Torts, Chestnuts, Sable and Smoke Pearl Martens, Brokens, Himmies, Fawn and Oranges.



Senior Bucks


 D and B's Barrett


 Out of D and B's Lightning and Coffey's Cait Sith. This little buck is practically perfect all around (aside from his inability to molt his baby coat, still). His first time on the table, at just over 2 months, he took BOG. He's followed in his father's footsteps so far. And, if you couldn't tell, he's well aware that he looks good. He's named after Barrett Wallace of Final Fantasy VII.


GC D and Bís Hot Stuff


Out of Laura and Ruthís Hal and Laura and Ruthís . This Sable Point buck still needs a name (much like many of my other babies). Heís very cute and took many of Halís good qualities, but with better color! Heís definitely not going anywhere.



D and Bís Frankie

Siamese Sable out of  D and B's NF12 (Sable Marten) and Shetek Shore's Mary (REW). Danny has done very well with Frankie. With a RIS and several BOB and not even 7 months old. Waiting to see what he will produce for Danny.




D and B's NF12

Sable Marten out of Riverdale's Prince and D and B's Nix.  





Senior Does


  D and B's Siren

Smoke Pearl Doe out of Coffey's Ultima and D and B's Snow born Sept. 2010. She never grew up! At just under 2 lbs, sheís a very small doe. On the plus side, sheís had her first litter (sired by D and Bís Hope) of two Smoke Pearl Martens with no trouble! Named after the summon, Siren, in Final Fantasy VIII. 


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Phone Numbers:

Dawn: 815-219-0984

Britt: 815-219-1495

Please email or call for information on what we have available/prices.

The "In the Nestbox" page is generally accurate with varieties and genders. This will include what we may varieties/genders we have available (just not pricing).