D and B Acres Rabbitry

Youth breeder raising quality Netherland Dwarf, Brittania Petite and Holland Lop rabbits.

Brittany first started with the Polish. With the average size being 3 1/2 lbs. These little rabbits made it easy for Britt to take care of. We focus on Blacks, Chocolates, and Brokens.

Danny will be taking over the Polish breed. Starting out with his first rabbit, Ahsoka, and doing well.


Updated 4/19/13 


Senior Bucks


Schaffers PH1

PH has several legs behind him. This very good looking rabbit does a lot of justice. We now use him for breeding. Not only does he do good in shows he produces nice babies, too.



 D and B's Paco Taco

The last baby out of Norrington, he's our Chocolate herd buck, and he's a very friendly character. He's currently sired Lulu's first litter, and looking pretty good so far. He's a nicely balanced boy, with a cute little head and ear and nice type.



Sypnieski's Captain Reks

Another one of Danny's starting rabbits, this Broken Chocolate boy if filling out nicely as he matures. He's got a good set of head and ear, and an even better type. He's named partly for Captain Rexs of the Star Wars animated series, but switched to "Reks" for Reks from Final Fantasy XII.


Senior Does



 D and B's Lulu

Born on May 3, 2008 to D and B's Lucky and Shaffer's PH1. She currently has 2 legs, and we just couldn't get that third one (especially when Ahsoka joined her class). She just recently had her first litter, and both kits are doing very well. We figured she'd be a good mother, with sucha  great personality.  She's named after the Black Mage, Lulu, in Final Fantasy X.



D and B's Ahsoka

Danny's first official bunny, and he indeed picked her out himself (I did look her over first, though, for show quality). She's a pretty balanced doe, and she's going to be bred soon. She does have 1 leg so far, and a great Broken Black pattern. He definitely started out right. She's named after Ahsoka from the Star Wars animated series. 


 Sypnieski's R2D2, "Beep Boop"

Danny's first Broken Chocolate girl, she's completely spoiled rotten. Unfortunately, when she came home, she wouldn't eat or drink anything. Thankfully, we've got her eating, and she's spoiled beyond belief. She is currently living in the house in a huge, 3-tier cage we have and is definitely living it up. She's named after the Star Wars robot, R2D2, which has become Danny's naming theme.


 Sypnieski's Chewbacca, "Chewy"

Danny's fourth rabbit, and first Chocolate. She's a pretty stocky doe, but we think she'll make a great brood doe for him to start with. She's got a nice, small head and ear and a pretty nice body on her for her age. She's named after Chewbacca from Star Wars, but quickly was nicknamed "Chewy".


Junior Bucks

D and B's Commander Cody

Born July 9, 2010 - Out of D and B's Bugs and Sypnieski's Captain Reks. Keep an eye of for this little buck. Danny is doing a great job picking out this rabbit. We let him pick one out of this litter and boy did he do a good job. Small and compact. This rabbit along with his brother will be the only two polish going to convention.


 Junior Does




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